Institute For Fundamental Studies

The new location of the Goa "Institute for Fundamental Studies" has at last been established. A mansion on the Goan Riviera at Chandor, Salcete, has finally been obtained for the Institute.

This is a newish building with large grounds which has a floor space of 10,000 (plus) square feet. The Mumbai establishment, which has thus far provided useful results, unfortunately had only a limited workspace and this additional establishment in Goa has a coffee lounge, space for two lecture theatres/seminar rooms, experimental laboratories suitable for brain/computer interface work and virtual reality work, and a number of further workrooms. There are many other positive features, such as the fact that it is situated in lovely countryside and is only minutes away from the beach front - where there are experimental subjects of many kinds and nationalities.

A few stills will indicate roughly what the establishment, an impressive chateau, looks like. The mansion is surrounded by many pleasant trees and other arborial features.The possibility of a further large campus, when required, with many eco-friendly acres of scenery and woodland, is also under consideration.

Obviously we are looking forward to scientific contributions and ideas from various sources as we will be analysing and experimenting on various significant concepts in these premises on a broad spectrum of approaches.

Currently the ongoing thrust of our work is in the field of consciousness and how it may relate to physical factors such as time. Some previous work published in our journals included Roger Penrose's first major work on twistors and Richard Feynman's earliest and first work on quantum computers.

I am looking forward to many people joining me, which could lead to progress in various fields. Initially you can contact Dr. John Yates at the following email address:  uvscience[at]

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